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The key to making sure your home stands out from the competition is presentation. Buyers want the confidence that what they are buying has been well looked after inside and out. Tidy gardens, clear driveways and inviting entrance halls help with that all important first impression.


A simple de-cluttering can sometimes make all the difference; it can make the house look bigger, lighter and more inviting, allowing the buyer to imagine living there. It also allows us to take the best photo shots, which is vital for marketing your home.

Preparing for viewings

If it’s a dull or overcast day don’t be afraid to turn on the lights. Open the windows for a short while to freshen the rooms and if necessary turn the heating on to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This all helps towards making that excellent first and lasting impression.

Key Features

If you happen to be showing potential buyers around your house be sure to mention all the things you love about living there, and the reasons you were attracted to the property in the first place, such as the size, location, nearby schools or station etc. Give them a tour of each room, saving the best rooms for last, before inviting them to go round the property once more if they wish, all the time ensuring that you stay on hand for any questions!

Honesty is the best policy

Don’t be afraid to point out any DIY jobs that might need attention, but try to get this out of the way first so they then leave on a high. People are willing to do the odd job as long as it’s reflected in the price and your honesty will give them the confidence that they know what they are buying.

Offer and negotiations

If your viewers are interested and would like to make an offer, please insist that any offers must be made via Garnham H Bewley.  Our expertise makes us the best people to negotiate the sale of your property.   We will ensure that you achieve the highest possible price and check that any offers are backed up with the necessary finance using our in house mortgage advisor.

Shout it from the roof top

Always have a ‘For Sale’ board.  One of the oldest and most effective marketing tools.  Whether you’re in a busy location or a quiet country lane, you never know who might be around the corner waiting for your house to come onto the market!

Just the one please

Not only is multi agency usually more expensive, many vendors make the mistake in thinking that it helps your chances of selling quickly, when in actual fact, it can be detrimental.  Buyers can be put off if they see a property multi listed on the internet or in the paper, sometimes assuming that the property is difficult to sell and may have hidden problems. To save painting the wrong picture, try to stick with one local agent who you can trust to offer the best in marketing, advertising and customer service.

Realistic asking price

With huge amounts of information at hand via the internet, buyers are fairly well informed on property values. We will work hand in hand with you to establish the most suitable asking price that meets your needs and at the same time reflects true local value. It’s important to market at the right price to attract the right buyers.

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